I began by asking myself:

Does the world really need another rug company?

Perhaps being the world's first company to manufacture certified organic area rugs would be reason enough. But that's only part of our story. The other part involves partnering with women to weave our collection of rugs in rural India.

The idea of Organic Weave was born during my first trip to India in 1989.  After witnessing widespread child labour in the rug industry, I promised myself that one day I would get involved and work with women in rural India.  I believed then, as I do now, that children are compelled to work out of economic necessity.  And I believe that no Mother would have her child work if she had an economic alternative. Organic Weave aims to provide dignified work and sustainable income to women who are committed to elevating their economic circumstances through their work as weavers.  These women are proud to contribute financially to their families.

My partner, Bholanath Baranwal, and I come from rug merchant families. We both grew up around rugs and we honour the unique tradition of making rugs by hand. Organic Weave is our commitment to reviving this handicraft and its heritage, with the purest methods and materials possible.

Together, Bhola and I are dedicated to the founding principles of Organic Weave:

         First and foremost, we believe in an impeccably crafted product, made entirely by hand. 

         Second, we believe in meaningful cooperation with our women weavers.

         And third, we believe in sustainability.  We create products that are in harmony with nature, by sourcing raw materials that are certified organic.

-Linda Alexanian