GOTS certification “made with 90% organic materials”

A hand tufted rug is made by punching strands of wool into a canvas which is stretched on a frame. Master weavers “tuft” using a hand operated "tufting gun". Once the weaver has tufted the pattern onto the canvas, another fabric called a secondary backing is applied with natural rubber glue (latex*). The next step is to shear the rug so that the pile of the rug is even. 


Organic Weave uses FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified natural rubber (or latex) in the manufacture of handtufted rugs.  The latex is used to secure (or glue) the pile of the rug to the backing (canvas).

Apart from the latex (which is inside the rug, and does not touch the bottom or the surface of the rug), all materials used in handtufted rugs are 100% organic. 

FSC certified latex is the best eco-friendly choice for our handtufted rugs. The environmental impact of harvesting this product is minimal, and therefore it aligns with our environmental policy of conserving the natural resources, with an emphasis on preserving native flora and fauna of each forest.