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Chanel brand's founder, even for the international luxury brands have a lot of understanding of the people, vintage chanel bags perhaps Ms. Chanel does not know much, but as a real brand connotation it by its founder effects are inevitable. Brand founder often has the character and attitude to what the majority would give the twelve on their own brands. Here are some stories Chanel founder of the Chanel. Chanel was born in 1883, authentic chanel bags is a pair of second child poverty French unmarried couples. Her father was a grocery hawkers from the Cevennes, the mother is mountainous Auvergne female animal husbandry home. It is said that Chanel was born in Saumur, France; chanel bags sale online free shipping Another argument is born in the mountains of southern France Auvergne. In fact, the legend about her life experience, has always been controversial, coupled with Chanel to death trying to evade and hide, the more so that her background is covered with fog. Chanel's childhood was unfortunate. She was twelve years old his mother passed away, where to buy chanel bags his father even leave her and four siblings. Since then, she was brought up by her aunt adult, a child admitted Convent School, and there learned hand sewing skills. In her twenty-two of that year, ie, 1905, she became Cafe singer, and played a stage name "Coco", classic chanel bag in different theaters and cafes musicians living. During this showgirl career, Coco has to meet two patrons, become their lover friend, a British industrialist, the other a wealthy officer. Meet dignitaries, so COCO can afford to open their own shop. 1910, Coco opened a millinery shop in Paris, with extraordinary sewing skills, coco chanel bags 2.55 sew a simple and engaging another top style hat. Her two friends as she introduced a lot of celebrity guests. At that time the ladies are tired of fancy trim, so Chanel simple, comfortable hat on their Oasis is like a general cool. In just one year, the business is rising, how much are chanel bags Coco moved her shop child temperament more fashionable Rue Cambon, since this area is still the base Chanel headquarters. Make hats must not meet Coco on fashion career ambitions, so she enter the field of Haute Couture.

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