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Swedish and German descent who has always wearing big black sunglasses devil's designers most praiseworthy Road at what he and Coco Chanel, chanel designer handbags full of talented but deviant blood flowing. He broke in the first quarter will be cut dress skirt after taking office, with bright exaggerated fake jewelry, shocked the fashion world, chanel classic handbags will also be Chanel momentum in the past 20 years towards another peak "Chanel represents a style, a timeless style," Ms. Chanel so describe their design, chanel tote bag price not thinking about what to do next, but then have to ask ourselves in what way the performance, so a to agitation will never stop. Ms. Chanel confident enthusiastic spirit of these shares into the every one of her design, the Chanel brand has become quite a personal style.Chanel's design with a distinctive personal touch, chanel handbags for sale her pursuit of freedom but the love of man; her independence but there are full of powerful feminine. Her home - Auvergne-- central France terrain is full of extinct poor regions, seventy years old she had described himself as "Auvergne volcano the only one immortal." Now, look at the brand new faces pop complicated industry, Chanel fashion is still an active volcano never be broken. Chanel brand take the high road, stylish simplicity, simple and comfortable, pure style, graceful and elegant, beautiful youth. used authentic chanel bags "Pop fleeting, style forever", is still the guiding force behind the brand; chanel 2.55 bag "gorgeous opposite not poverty, but vulgar," Ms. Chanel Chanel brand led the most special thing about practical gorgeous, she lives around capture inspiration, especially love, unlike other designers ask others to meet their design, Chanel brand offers a liberating sense of freedom and choice, chanel 2.55 flap bag the transition from a male perspective costume design trends into a performance-based independent female beauty arena the nature of the needs of women into the connotation of the Chanel brand.

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