Organic Weave rugs are made with 100% natural dyes & mordants made from bark, vegetables, and fruits as a healthy alternative to chemically based dyes. These dye sources are GOTS certified organically grown.

Organic Weave’s natural organic dyes give a beautiful patina effect on our rugs, and get sun-bleached with time. Being plant based, our dyes vary from one batch to another. Therefore, please allow for a variance in colour matching as the actual colour may differ from the target colour. 

The following techniques of natural organic dyeing are available: 

1 Standard Dyeing: one colour is dyed uniformly.

2 Resist Dyeing: a solid colour is lightened and darkened, creating a mosaic of shades within a target range. 

3 Tie-Dye: a portion of yarn is tied (covered) during the dyeing process and then the covered area is exposed to another colour.

Manmade Dyes

Manmade dyes have marginally better consistency and light fastness when compared to vegetal dyes. Organic Weave offers the option of man-made (synthetic) GOTS approved dyes.